Friedrich Model, Concert 610mm, Cedar Top

Ivan Escobedo, Querea, Mexico

Materials: Cedar Top, Cocobolo Back and Sides

Status: Available

Price: TBD

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Overview:  This guitar absolutely is a mini cannon! The 610mm string length offers amazing comfort for small hands and big stretches. The Hauser-model body is allows this guitar to fit comfortably on adults, and feels like a full concert for a child. This guitar has been custom designed and created to achieve a strong, mature baritone voice, with the easiest of playability. Master-grade quality materials made this Cedar and Cocobolo pairing brings power, articulation and color. Coupled with the Friedrich bracing provides a sensitive and very responsive soundboard.


610mm string length, ideal for growing students, smaller adults, and also mature players looking for an easier reach on difficult music.  

Cedar top, Cocobolo back and sides

Ebony fingerboard with hand-scraped frets for more accurate intonation

12-hole bridge for easier string changing

Armrest for more natural right arm contact

Top-side SoundPort creates a better listening experience for the player and also greater overall projection

Hand made rosette

French Polish Laquere

Custom set-up Specs for a firm feel that’s easy on the left hand 

Recommended string: Knobloch Carbon Extra High Tension 

A note from Brian:  I had my young nieces in mind when experimenting with this model, only to find that I now find it indispensable for my own practice, especially with challenging new music. The Hauser-model body makes it large enough for me to get a rich sound, but not so large that it can’t fit into the hands of a child.  The custom setup specifications with carbon extra high tension strings make this guitar behave like full-size. Cedar and Cocobolo on this guitar respond quickly to delicate touch, and offer a wide range of shades and textures.